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Here’s a fun and simple arch and column we did for a neighborhood birthday party back in June.  The arch is what we call a ‘designer string-of-pearls’ arch, and is just a color variation of our “Rave” design.  I really like the way the simple front yard setting with the lush greens of the trees and grass complemented the colors in the arch and column, giving off that light and airy summer feeling.  I also had fun with the flower column/structure in the background.  Using similar designs for each of the flowers, but alternating colors and round vs long balloons for the petals made for a great combination.  These arches look great in a lot of outdoor venues, but you always have to watch out for the wind picking up, and factor in the prevailing wind direction, since even a moderate breeze can all of the sudden find your arch down the street in front of your neighbor’s house, or lying parallel to the ground.

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